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 Control  Description  jQuery Plugin
 jQuery.WebControls.jQueryScriptManager  It's in charge to add the necessary plugins to work with the rest of controls and manage the jQuery UI themes.  jQuery JavaScript Library v1.9.1
jQuery.WebControls.NumberTextBox It's a simple TextBox which implemetns the plugin to allow enter just digits and give them an specific format after the blur event of the input text box. The available number format are: number, currency (called Coin) and percentage jQuery Number Formatter
jQuery.WebControls.UI.ControlFx Allow to animage other controls with jQuery effects jQuery UI - v1.10.1
 jQuery.WebControls.UI.DateTextBox  It's a simple TextBox control which implements the datepicker plugin. It comes with a .Net property called Value which will return the entered text as a Date type. If the entered Text cannot be parsed it will return DateTime.MinValue  Query UI - v1.10.1
jQuery.WebControls.UI.PopUp Implements the dialog plugin in the following forms: simple dialog and confirm dialog. It has an server event to hand the post back event when it's used as a confirm dialog. Query UI - v1.10.1
jQuery.WebControls.UI.PoUpPanel This control inhertis from Panel control and implements the dialog plugin. The buttons aren't added directly so they must be added inside the aspnet control Query UI - v1.10.1
jQuery.WebControls.UI.TabControl This control implements the accordion and tabs plugin. Query UI - v1.10.1
jQuery.WebControls.ImageGallery.iGalleryControl   jQuery lightBox plugin
jQuery.WebControls.RocketDock.RocketDockMenu This control is a container for a ImageCollection which render as the dock of a MAC jQuery Rocketdock
jQuery.WebControls.GridView2 This control doesn't use any jQuery plugin but it comes with a useful function. It allows virtual paging. This means that it's not necessary to add the whole collection to the DataSource property so you can get from data base just the items to display in the current page. The property VirtualCountItem must be set with the number of all items to allow this functionality before proceed with the DataBind procedure.  

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